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Islamic Books Online

Islamic Books Online is a way to learn about Islam today. A large number of books that are from various issues of Islam to find online. A wide range of information is available online Islamic books. Sun Islamic Books Online is very useful for Muslims and also see the light of Islam.
Religion is a topic that may be controversial, at times, many people have different perceptions of the same doctrine. For every person who is their belief and faith is the only way to live and not easy for them to show the acceptance of other
Religion. But Islam is the only dynamic Religion of Almighty Himself is made available. Islamic Books Online is a great help for non-Muslims to learn more about Islam.Islamic Books Online to help us discover what Islam is. It also helps us learn about God and the Messenger of Allah and his teachings. Islamic books online, click to clear the concept of Islam to Muslims and non Muslims. You can find out  what is Islam and Islam is to establish, to their personal and collective, to create a better world. Islam is the only true Religion. The messenger of Allah gave us the path of Islam. They sacrificed their lives to teaching people the subject of Islam. They demonstrated that Islam is the true source of life and said that the application of the rules of Islam in order to bring peace to our lives and our society. The online Islamic books helps us to know these things well in a very short time.Islamic Books online helps us to get the answer to  Why Islam. If we want peace, then we must learn to live in peace, and therefore we need to know Why Islam. Peace, the expectation of each and every one in the world. Man is a social being. Must live in a community to survive in a systematic way. Living the result of a systematic nature is perfect peace. Peace can be the result of correct application of the Code of life by Almighty God to be determined. Islamic books online, tell us about the Code of life given by the Almighty.Islamic books online that makes us know the Islamic culture. We can read Islamic stories, poems, novels, etc. Also Islamic books online, shows the glorious past of Islam. We are familiar with our greatest conquerors, who were the torchbearers of Islam. We can now distinguish between the past and the present poor state of Islam. It helps us to discover, to be released the way to this situation and bring back the glorious past of Islam. We can read Islamic books online and learn how to make this possible.Islamic books online has become a companion of Islam. We recognize the importance of developing Islamic books online, and work on a platform of Islamic books online provision of information on all of Islam. to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.

What is Muslim

What is a Muslim is a search for any curious mind. Usually, those known to follow the Muslim religion of Islam. Today, a common thought is all that will prevail when a child is born into a family of the Muslim call and then I'll give an answer which you consider what is a Muslim. I hope this is clear in this article, the answer of what is and what Islam is a Muslim.

Who is a
Muslim is not small groups of such importance. If someone wants to learn about Islam, anxious to know Why Islam is necessary to live in Peace, then I have a clear answer to the notion of what a Muslim.
Who is a Muslim can answer in relation to those left alone in the
Code of life by God himself. If someone has to live in Peace I desire to obey Islam as the only Code of life. Then I will like the Muslim religion after the events of Christianity After seeing several, Judaism, Buddhism and so on. It may be surprising to anyone, as a man of religion other than Islam can be a Muslim right? And as a believer is not part of the question, what is a Muslim.
What is a Muslim word contains the root of the
Muslim Salam. He who accepts the rules of God in their collective lives known as a Muslim. If humanity continues to deny the other So I have to be at Peace(Islam) to live. When God, the Creator of all mankind, it is logical that knows everything and the Code of life planned for him to give us Peace is impeccable, the followers of Islam, and is a Muslim, and Malthus, may be the answer known to be the question, what is a Muslim.
Also, what is clear is the Muslim way of Jannat. Muslim is one of the most important prerequisites for believers in Jannat (heaven) to the end. In the Holy Koran,
Allah orders momens (believers) will not die without a Muslim. It can be a Muslim without being a believer. It is only the acceptance of the Code of life for life to deny God in others. You can follow what I like, but when God and is effective for policies is to be a Muslim, I do. E. This is the answer of what is a Muslim.
Who is a Muslim, the history of
Islam with the demonstration. Could it be that Muslims in an area available when it was conquered by the Ummat-e-Mohammadi. If a country is Muslim, there may be some atheists who accept mosreks the Code of life of God for fear of social discomfort, without believing it to stay. It is very clear in the speech of the Messenger of Allah. In the Quran Allah said: "The Bedouin said:" We believe. "Say:" Do not tell me, but only one, "we have surrendered (in Islam)," because faith has not yet entered your hearts. But if you are Allah and His Messenger (SAW) to obey, I will not take anything as a reward for their actions. Verily, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Those are the only believers in God and believe in His messenger and strive, but certainly with their wealth and their lives for God. Those! They are the real "(Al-Qur'an: Sura: Huzurat-14, 15) .. Therefore, the real answer to the question, What is Muslim. to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Islam Online

Islam Online is the easiest way to learn about Islam today. There are a number of  Islamic Websites online that are for the benefit of people around the world with inquisitive minds about Islam . It is startling information, so all together in the car, where we can find with a little effort. Islam Online also helps us to preach to the topic of Islam in every corner of the world in a very short time. It helps us answer the question of why Islam and what Islam is a vivid illustration to get. Today, if we do not believe that one day without the Internet, you can not while Muslims think about their days without Islam Online.
Islam Online refers to all documents and information found on the web. Islam is the only way of life that we must continue to live in Peace must. If we follow God's rules and apply them correctly on the ground, the result of unlimited Peace and security will be and if we obey the laws made by man, the result is anarchy, rebellion, fighting the injustice and bloodshed in the land. And for that we need to know what God has given us the direction in the Qur'an in order to create a beautiful world. We need to know a lot of other information. In this area, Islam Online is a necessity.
IslamOnline is dynamically find and know about
Islam. Islam is the only religion that has a complete lifestyle. We need to implement the rules of Islam to live a better life. And Islam Online helps us to know these special rules. IslamOnline again gives us the history of Islam, a few pages to describe the Islamic name, work and marriage, etc. These places Islam as an Islamic cultural center and sometimes even as Islamic business. Sites online Islamic books, Islamic poems, the Muslim state are also designed to accept Islam online. But the fact is, just bring a unique online website, the truth of Islam and all the glory to Islam as the Islam Online website, the whole aspect of Islam at a glance. But still, if we find them all easily, is one way, Islam online.
Islam Online helps us to know about God's sovereignty. Each code of life, whether artificial or Allah has given a sovereign. Artificial different codes of life are the monarchy, fascism, socialism, dictatorship and popular democracy. The ruler of each man as a dictator or group of persons or a community of people, etc. In contrast, the ruler of Islam Allah Almighty. If you want to live in
Peace and security, Islam, is this, that sovereignty is prescribed by God. And we found plenty of information that leads to the sovereignty of God in Islam Online.
Islam has Islamist website with various online efforts in the front to set the Muslim people to serve. But often receive incorrect information. Therefore, the developer of Islamic websites have to work harder to create a suitable environment rich and informative in the area of ​​Islam Online
to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.

What is Miracle

Miracle (Mojeza) is a unique event on the ground by God Almighty. It is available in the history of Islam. Many of the Messenger of Allah has sent to earth to teach mankind the right direction in order to live in peace. Every time a Messenger of Allah comes to a community and invite them to God as the only sovereign, most people and requires proof of disbelief to accept. Certainly, demand very logical. For the problem of the Messenger of Allah gives a special ability to perform supernatural events of God through faith in people, what is known as general or Miracle Mojeza solve. God himself has over the events of messaging. You may wonder how unique and mysterious events that God has brought by the messengers for authentication, called the Miracle can be defined. Several messengers brought different kinds of Miracle . As an example, see Solaiman (Ace) the language of the angles, animals and birds. The staff of Moses (Ace) becomes a great and terrible serpent after launch. The touch of Jesus healing the lepers, who was born blind. He stands a man dead for three days. But the fact is impressive, the word is absent a Miracle in the Quran. God uses the word ayat (verse), ie instead of writing miracle. Every Miracle of the Messenger of Allah made the sign for authentication and these events should be seen not as the natural rule, people do not be a common man. It is a must-Messenger of Allah otherwise, how you do it? Following the logic of the subject, where there's smoke, there must be fire. This means smoking justification of the fire. Just as the ayah (verse) of the Qur'an is the sign of the fact that there is an unusual creation is God's book. Other identification of this unusual character is amazing.

The miracles that took place probably the
Messenger of Allah with the current state of society. When the messenger of Moses (Ace) sent miraculous wand, because during his time there was too much running in Egypt. He has to put the contemporary magicians. In the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Sm), Arabia was well advanced in poetic practice, Allah is the miracle of our messenger, the Holy Quran and poetic prosody. Some miracles must realize the profound observation, and some were understandable even for a common man, quick-witted.
"The miracle of the Koran" in his book ("This is not Islam is Islam at all") "and Noy Islam and Islam" has been on this issue, the leaders of the time, Mohammad Khan Panni Bayazeed quite logical mentioned in the chapter. The study of this chapter, the idea set out in the field.
He has spent 1400 years after the departure of the last messenger of Allah. Among these the true Islam has totally changed. Is now in the opposite direction from their original path. At that time the leader of the time, Mohammad Khan Panni has Bayazeed with the love of God clearly has lost the true Islam. Our Imam (leader) has said that Islam is trivial in the world today is not the real Islam more to do again. It has presented the outline of the true Islam against humanity. When we realize the situation, his writings, the answer to the question of
why Islam is Islam and what is clear before us. to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.

What is religion

What religion is "to know a very important question. We are usually in the wrong sense of the word. Religion is often us as a collection of some of the traditional celebrations on a regular or occasional known, although other very different importance. What is religion, before knowing whether to be clear about the term "code of life." Generally, only confuses the word religion and code of life.

What religion are discussing here, but first a look at the code of the sentence of life. `
code of life" is a set of instructions, ie, rules and regulations with which we will survive together in a society in which discipline. These rules and regulations may differ from the producer or Allah give people themselves. In men, the standards God and follow the final result will obviously be peace and security. On the contrary, according to the rules of the man himself, the result is undoubtedly the lawlessness, injustice, rebellion, riots, bloodshed, etc.
What religion is to make clear now. In fact,
religion is only the code of life. The true meaning of what kept tactfully and confidently with a long-term. The result code of the life of God, of course, make available to peace and security. However, the rules laid Allah is not advantageous to the beloved people of the world, Satan. They have a code of life itself has created. But after a few days, they faced a new problem to be out of their code of life. Another source of life prepared. As different as the faulty system socialism, communism, fascism, dictatorship, democracy has emerged, but none of them are successful because they did all the people who are both mentally and made.
What religion is possible before disclosure. If the man in order to avoid the
code of life is Allah  then created a different code of life to criminal law, education, foreign policy, financial system, Exchange System, etc are some other works such as real as a prayer of Allah (Salah), fast (Saom) donation (jakah), visit to the Ka'ba (Hajj), so they now only known as a religion.
What religion is now usually resolves confusion. In the history of Islam to see the real side of religion. 
what is Islam and what Islam is a duty to obey a code of life is central to know. to know about what is Islam and why Islam please click what is Islam and why Islam.